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Does it seem as if players on your team don’t understand what you are trying to say?  Do you have players who miss calls, plays, or can’t seem to be on the same page as everyone else?  Is it hard getting players to buy into your philosophy?  Sometimes we take for granted the language and vocabulary used when speaking to our players and staff.  We assume that everyone knows what we mean when we say it but that is not always the case.

Every athlete is different which means they learn and process information differently.  The more the athlete is understood and taken care of the better they will respond to instructions.  It’s about emotional intelligence and giving the players the feeling that we, as coaches are invested in them and care about what they care about.  Once they feel this connection from us, their purpose for participating becomes stronger as does their commitment to team and school.

How are you at handling the pressure of dealing with parents, administrators, and problem players?  Every team has it’s own identity along with other influencing factors which can make your job more daunting which can affect how you coach, prepare for games/practices, and make decisions.

Outside assistance through a trained consultant can help to close the “language gap”, create a stronger bond between players, coaches, put your team’s focus on what they can control, and provide mental clarity and an edge to help separate yourself from the pack.   Monthly or yearly contracts are available for schools, universities, or professional organizations with multiple teams based on providing individual and team coaching, coach and/or staff consultations, and need-based workshops.

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