Give your Sport Team, Club, Performing Group or Organization a Competitive Mental Edge!

I offer my sport psychology consulting, mental toughness workshops at your site and will teach your personnel practical, easy-to-learn skills which will help to better handle the pressure of today’s marketplace, bounce back from failure and learn how to deal with adversity, focus on what the performer can control while blocking out useless distractions.   Learn to develop your staff’s confidence, visualize and image their performance ahead of time, improve worker morale and much more!

Specific mental skill topics such as Stress Management, Effective Goal Setting, Putting Failure into Perspective, Team Building, Dealing with Distractions, Avoiding Burnout, Relaxation and managing breath control are topics which can be discussed.

These can be one time lectures or done on an on-going basis for a period of one year.  Portions of the executive coaching description will also fall under this category depending on the need. For a detailed listing of workshops please refer to the Perfomance Topics section of the website.

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