sanford-meisnerElite and Executive Coaching

For Olympic, high end collegiate and professional clients, this optimal scenario provides for direct and unobstructed observation in one’s work setting and environment, discussion with coaches, parents, and other influencing personnel to assess how the performer handles pressure, manages their routines both at practice and in game situations, deals with distractions, goal setting, and other sport psychology and performance issues.   Weekly phone sessions, bi-monthly or weekly  (depending on the scenario) face-to-face coaching sessions as well as unlimited email correspondence are part of this plan.

There is a tendency for performers at this level to experience from “perfectionism” and while this strength often leads to a strong drive and desire to compete, they also can be overly critical with themselves, not be good at acknowledging when they’ve had success or be poor listeners.

I will provide tools, examples, and perspective on how to best deal with this double edged sword. Our goal should be to keep you on the right path without getting in your own way. If you are interested in giving your club, performing group or organization a competitive, mental edge please feel free to call me anytime at (949) 929-0677.

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