inspiration-06For parents I offer a special session geared towards getting parents on the same page, helping them to do the “right things” rather than choke the passion out of the child.  Ignorance is bliss and people don’t know what they don’t know.   In as honest and profound a way as I know how, I try to open parent’s eyes to how we are directly linked to the psychological mistakes that cause burnout, performance problems and low self-esteem. I help parents to clearly understand the role that they need to play to insure their child’s positive experience in the sport ultimately leading to their individual greatness, regardless of the long-term outcome.

If necessary we can meet to discuss a game plan for how to help your child win in the game of life.

Workshop topics for Parents:

  • Learn how to best help your child reach his/her athletic, artistic, or life dream.
  • Is my child dealing with burnout?
  • Injuries and the signs that come with them.
  • Failure is positive feedback.  Are you keeping them away from that life lesson?
  • Avoid the performance-destroying mistakes that too many parents make.
  • Apply the principles of peak performance to your daily life.
  • Seeing the world through your child’s eyes.
  • Learn what parents of gold medalists have to say about helping your child-athlete to be successful.
  • The dreaded drive home.

If you are interested in giving your club, performing group or organization a competitive, mental edge please feel free to call me anytime at (949) 929-0677.

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